Shabby Miss Jenn

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I miss summer!

WOW! It was a cool, brisk 30 degrees here yesterday morning! I went to take the girls to the bus and my car thermometer said 30! YIKES! My youngest is really having issues wearing coats on these cold mornings. She actually got mad at me and was all out of sorts during school yesterday! I finally got it out of her and she said she was mad because I made her wear her coat...crazy!

Since I'm missing some of the fun and warmth of the summer months, I did a layout from the girl scout trip to Williamsburg this past August. We spent time in Jamestown and Colonial Williamsburg. One day we went to Water Country USA and rode the water rides all day. The girls had a blast. These photos were taken at the wave pool...that was my place for the day. I used the Tropical Corkboard kit from Latte Dah Designs to do this layout. Enjoy!!


Latte' Dah said...

What a cute LO with a (think warm) summer theme. Great memories :)

KFairbanks said...

Thanks Tracy! Wait til I follow this up with my Hubbard Glacier layouts from my Alaskan Cruise!!! Not very warm thoughts there!